Monday, 12 June 2017

Flippers Pizzeria: The best Pizzas in your area

Pizzas are scrumptious delights full with the world of cheesy and saucy goodness which inspires us all. A pizza is hardly enough for someone who loves it and can enjoy a treat any time of the day. Mozzarella, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, bell peppers, tomatoes, sweet corn, jalapenos, and olives are what a pizza slice is all about. Flippers Pizzeria is one such upscale pizza outlet which has come to the dining scene of America and serves them the best culinary delights. We have kept the special secrets of making luscious pizzas, we deliver at several locations, if you want to place an order, visit ( and get it delivered from the nearest store, which makes sure your pizza is delivered hot and spicy. Side menus include antipasto salad, chopped salad, chocolate chip cookies, fresh garlic bread sticks and Marinara Penne Pasta.

You can also have from one of our Brick Fired Sandwiches such as Italian Meatball, Italian Club, Roasted Veggies, Pesto Chicken, Steak and Cheese, and Chicken Ranch BLT.

Our Appetizers Menu Contains:

Meatballs Ricotta: In our Meatballs Ricotta, meatballs are served with ricotta and marinara nicely mixed with fresh basil and served with garlic bread.

Toscana Cheese Bread: Toscana Cheese Bread is hand crafted and carefully brushed with garlic butter, it is topped with Asiago, Romano, and provolone and seasoned with oregano.

We make sure our pizzas are prepared with a passion for satisfying your taste buds, they are baked to perfection in our brick ovens. Get in touch if you want to know about Coupons for Orlando Restaurants. Want details about specific locations to visit the website and get details about restaurants and their contact details. So, what else are you waiting for, just give us a call and get your favorite pizza or sides delivered at your address within no time.


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